Monday, June 1, 2015

Dollar Store "Crap Buckets"

In May I came across this hilarious (and totally relatable) post by Emily at Remarkable Home for Crap Buckets. Once I got done cracking up, I realized that I absolutely needed these in my life. (If you have kids, no explanation of these should be necessary but I'll share my version anyway.)

First let me say 2 very important things about my version of these.

#1. I wasn't looking to spend a ton of time on these.
#2. I wasn't looking to spend a lot of money on them.

I don't know about you, but when I want something cheap and functional, I think of the Dollar Store. So that is where I dragged took my kids after school one day to pick out their buckets.

The boy chose green.

The girl chose orange. (No pink available)

We took them home and used Daddy's label maker to put their names on them. (Please see #1 above.)

I then explained what they were and how I would expect them to function. And then stuck them near the lower landing of the stairs.

Voila!! Fast, cheap organization just in time for the craziness of summer!

And they actually work! It's amazing, I can fill them up with all the crap that belongs upstairs and the kids will take the stuff up there and put it away. Although, I have noticed that my son's works more quickly than my daughter's for some reason......

And I may live to regret telling my children what they are called....


Have a great week!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Vintage Chair Makeover

I know, I this time you all must be thinking that I have an incredibly weird obsession with chairs.

You're probably right.

But let me tell you about my latest chair makeover. When we moved to Georgia last June, we actually got rid of a bunch of our old furniture. (Mostly because it didn't fit in the moving van.) So when we arrived here we scoured the yard/estate sales and picked up some really nice antiques and vintage pieces.

One of which was this Queen Anne style armchair. It's in perfect condition (even the fabric) but a bit, shall we say....dated. Which is fine, I can always look past the fabric to the bones of a good piece of furniture. We bought it and I spent several months searching for just the right piece of fabric.

Which I finally stumbled upon at a great local antique store called Junkology.  A gorgeous vintage cut velvet stripe in fun, bright colors. I fell in love as soon as I saw it. 

I knew when I bought it that it wouldn't be enough to do the whole chair, so I paired it with a matching dark grey velvet from Forsyth Fabrics in Atlanta.

Once I had the fabrics, I spent a day stripping the chair down to its bare bones and touching up some nicks in the finish.

I used the grey fabric along the bottom front.

Then the striped fabric for the inside of the arms.

And of course, the stripes on the center front. How fun is this fabric?!

Then I used the grey fabric for the outside of the arms.

And the stripes again on the back. Since this chair doesn't sit against a wall, the back is very visible.

To finish the edges, I made cording with the striped fabric and hot glued it over the raw edges.

For the cushion, I used the grey fabric for the top and bottom and striped along the edge. At this point I was giddy with delight at the chair, not to mention the fact that all my throw pillows coordinated beautifully with it, and I was all set to be done.


I remembered that I had bought a little footstool for $10 in "as is" condition from IKEA. Since I had just enough fabric left, I went and dug it out of the garage. (And this is where my picture taking got a bit hit or miss, sorry)

It was 2 pieces , this lower wooden base with a cushion on top. I covered the base with a layer of poly batting and covered it in the striped fabric.

Then I used the remaining fabric for the cushion top and sides.

Adorable!! And, my daughter pointed out that it was just the right size for her to sit on while I brush her hair. Which makes it even more exciting because that means she will voluntarily get her hair brushed, right??

Here is the finished set. I am so in love with this chair and its fun and funky footstool! (Hey, I'm rhyming today!) I love the way bright colors and the big, bold stripe compliment the lines of the chair. 

I may even eventually let people sit in it!

Hope you all have a great week! 

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Monday, March 30, 2015

Pretty in Pink: The Chair Edition

We really, really, really cannot get enough pink around here!

Wait. I'm getting ahead of myself. First let me tell you the story about this darling little chair that my good friend Mae gave me back in Arizona.

She offered me this cute little 1950's vanity chair for FREE! (Because she's awesome!) And since I cannot turn away from a bargain or a chair, I gratefully re-homed it.

And then relocated it to Georgia, where it sat in the garage for months waiting for some attention.

Since I was stripping my daughter's new dresser anyway, I decided to go ahead and do the chair at the same time. 

I love freshly stripped furniture, don't you? Now, my first thought was to stain this or even just give it a clear satin polyurethane coat and redo the seat cushion, but then my daughter designer got involved.

So, I used the same bright pink as the dresser and painted it. I have to admit, this color is sort of growing on me.

Then I recovered the seat in cute pink doggie fabric. (Also chosen by guess who??)

And the end result is an adorable pink vanity chair, perfect for the Princess of Pink's bedroom!

So far I am resisting her efforts to persuade me to paint every item in her room pink including the walls....we'll see how tough I am.

Hope this brings some brightness to your Monday! Have a great week!!

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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Lilah's First Sewing Project

My daughter, Lilah, got a great little sewing machine for Christmas this year (thank you Grandma!!). It sat in the box for a while before I got around to setting up a table and chair at her height near my own sewing machine and then it sat a bit more while life got busy.

Poor, lonely, little pink sewing machine.

But after one rainy day too many, we finally plugged it in and tried it out.

To start out and let her get a feel for the machine, I had her sew on plain paper following pencil lines I had drawn with no thread in the machine. After she had done a few pages of straight and curved lines, we switched to plain muslin with colored thread. Basically I told her to go nuts, sew straight lines, curvy lines, spirals, go forward and backward, turn corners, anything that she wanted to do.

And she did. For about a week off and on, she played with the machine and made designs on muslin with different color thread.

When she got tired of that, I suggested that as a first project she make a cover for her sewing machine. A simple, quick project with the added benefit of protecting your machine.

Naturally, she wanted to skip straight to the sparkly princess ball gown project. So, I waited her out. And she sewed more lines on muslin.

Then today she asked if we could make a sewing machine cover. Which I happily agreed to. (Ha! I win!!)

We went to the fabric bins and she chose two fabrics for her project.

(I know you're thinking, "Wow, she chose pink, what a complete surprise!" Yeah, me too.) Anyway, we measured and cut out the fabric and I pinned it together one section at a time and had her sew each side.

Now, I could have been really nice and actually drawn lines for her to follow on the fabric, but all I saw was plaid, so I just had her follow the lines in the fabric. 

She certainly didn't seem to mind. 

I pinned a section, she sewed it together all the way around until we had both sides done.

Then I serged the edges together to finish them and ironed in a hem for her to sew.

And in less than an hour, she had done her very first sewing project from start to finish.

I'd say she was pretty proud of her work, wouldn't you?

And for the record, I did tell her that we would eventually get to the sparkly princess ball gown project.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Pinkalicious Dresser Make Over

 One of my latest and BEST finds of 2015 (so far) was this darling little vintage French Provincial child's dresser. True, it is painted an icky shade of pale blue with dark blueish purple trim, and it's missing some drawer hardware, and the bottom drawer runner needed to be replaced, but it was only $10! Yes, just $10!!

For ten bucks, I believe I am up to a little bit of refinishing, so I gathered up my paint removal supplies and set to work.

My original idea for the dresser was simply to strip the paint off and restore the original finish.

But as I got through the blue layer of paint and a green layer of paint, I realized that this furniture was not all solid wood and that the original finish was simply a paint treatment over masonite. Ummm, what??

Note that the top is a laminate (what you typically find on these style of dressers) and the front drawer facings, the frame, and the drawer runners are wood. 

 But look a little lower at the feet. What on earth is that?! As best as I can tell, the feet are some kind of cast resin.

Just like the decorative piece on this drawer front.

And yet....hardwood, dovetail drawers....So, I'm sitting there with this crazy dresser thinking, and it hits me, I have bought FRANKENFURNITURE! 

Well, I guess we won't be staining any of that, so paint it is! I can accept defeat gracefully. Really. I can.

With that in mind, I went off to consult with my co-designer, otherwise known as, my very opinionated daughter.  I'm sure you'll be shocked to learn that she wanted hot pink. And I wanted a neutral.  We had a several day stand off about that when I finally turned to my Facebook friends for advice and comfort.

And one of the bits of wisdom I got was, "Well, how many times in your life can you have a hot pink dresser?" (Totally blaming crediting you for this one Marcie!) But you know, it's actually a really good point. How many times have you looked at something and thought, gee I always wanted that when I was a kid....

Alright, then let's not be halfway about it---HOT PIIIINK!!!

And here is our new color choice. Oh yeah!

And paint I did. I did the drawer fronts and the large parts of the dresser in the dark pink.

Side view.

 For the trim, I simply added some white to my pink to make it lighter.

And then I got really wild and added a stencil design to the sides and 2 of the drawer fronts.

I spray painted the drawer pulls with both light and dark pink paint.

I replaced the worn out drawer runners with new ones and bought some cute crystal knobs to replace the missing ones. Oh, how she loooooved the crystal drawer pulls!

Then we put all the pieces back together again and voila!  

The most pinkalicious dresser EVER! (In my house anyway)

The truth is, I think this came out really cute. It certainly suits my daughter and her personality and if I have to repaint it again in a few years, oh well. After all, how many times in your life can you have a hot pink dresser?? (wink, wink)

Have a great week!!

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